Friday, June 1, 2018

Why I Think I'm an Incarnated Princess

Hello friends!

So I was in the middle of finishing the draft I was supposed to post today, but I ran across an interesting post while making a collage for the tag. I don't believe in reincarnation so don't take this literally. I just thought it would be fun to do this and share some fun things with you! If you consider this a tag, you can steal it and do it too! That would be very interesting to see!

So I think I'm a reincarnated version of Rapunzel.


I'm basically going to use her "morning song" to show how I'm pretty much a reincarnated Rapunzel. So here it is.

Seven a.m. the usual morning lineup

I do get up pretty early and get right to work on chores around the house. I can't stay in bed past 7 because 1) I feel super lazy and 2) my mom wouldn't allow it haha!

Start on the chores and sweep 'til the floor's all clean

Enough said.

Polish and wax, do laundry and mop and shine up

I don't really wax or mop but I'm ALWAYS in charge on swapping out the laundry. And I like it!

Sweep again and by then it's like 7:15

This happens to me more than you know! I'm finished cleaning and it's barely like 7:30 if I'm lucky...

And so I'll read a book or maybe two or three

I love reading after cleaning because I feel like I can finally relax. And reading before breakfast helps my brain start working.

I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery

I don't paint with paints but I paint on the computer! I always have several drafts on my computer so when I'm bored, I can finish them up.

I'll play guitar and knit

I don't play guitar but I do play ukulele. I have five songs that I know by heart so I play all five songs at once!

I used to crochet quite a bit but I stopped for some reason. It's pretty easy actually. I really enjoyed doing it. One day, I want to crochet a stuffed animal for one of my nephews!

And cook and basically just wonder when will my life begin?

So I don't really know how to cook meals but I can make soup or scrambled eggs. I'm working on my repertoire of recipes... And I often think a lot when I'm at the stove.

Then after lunch, it's puzzles and darts and baking

I love ALL of these activities. I adore puzzles so much. I've never played darts but my sister let me use her bow and arrow a couple of times! We made our own target and everything. And I would bake everyday if I could. My heart soars when I hear someone's doing a bake sale. I can whip up 4 dozen cupcakes in a day!

Paper mache, a bit of ballet and chess

I've never tried paper mache actually. And that's very surprising because I've always been interested in it. And my sister is in ballet and she tried teaching me but I failed...

And I kind of understand chess and I used to play on my tablet but I've never played against someone.

Pottery and vantriloquy, candle making

Not interested in learning pottery but I love playing with clay! And I like to make my stuffed animals talk. When little kids come over, they're so impressed XD

Then I'll stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb, sew a dress!

I'm not flexible AT ALL but I still try my best to stretch my muscles out. I only sketch when I'm writing in a notebook. Climbing trees is one of my favorite things to do outside. Sadly I don't own jeans so I don't climb them very often. And I have not learned to sew yet. Hopefully I'll get this some lessons this summer from a friend. 

And I'll reread the books, if I have time to spare

That's so funny. I reread the same books ALL THE TIME. I'll randomly read a couple of chapters if I get the chance.

I'll paint the walls some more, I'm sure there's room somewhere

That sounds like me trying to put Funko Pops on my shelves XD

And  I'll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair

I don't have hair as long as Rapunzel's but I need to brush it everyday or it gets super tangley. 

Stuck in the same place I've always been

Luckily, this is the only thing that doesn't apply to me. Poor Rapunzel...

And I'll keep wonderin' and wonderin' and wonderin' and wonderin' when will my life begin?

I think about this a lot. When will I get to be out in the world and influence it? You know, big questions like that.

So that's the end of the song. Other than that, I possess her quirky personality, her fierceness towards strangers, and willingness to do what it takes to accomplish the thing I want most. So, look out world! I'll be out there soon!

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great day!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

When I Think of Rain, I Think Of...

*so for some weird reason, it's cloudy and sprinkling over here where I'm at so I decided to do a post about rain... I really like the rain and now I can do some gardening :D

...cats and dogs!

This is so cute! It's by everydaylouie on Tumblr.
...little hobbits splashing in puddles.

...mud all over the floor.

...sitting in my armchair reading a book.

*sobs* so cute!
...drinking hot chocolate and/or tea in the morning.

...eating tomato soup and grilled cheese.

...admiring all the lovely umbrellas.

...watching rain fall on the window.

...breathing on the glass of the windows and drawing faces.

...pillow fights with Frodo because we're bored and there's nothing else better to do.

...trying new recipes for cookies and having trays and trays at the end of the day.

...wanting to finally clean my desk but never end up doing it.

...the rain scene in Bambi and the "Drip, Drop" song.

...not having an umbrella and coming home with drenched hair and clothes. the first drop of rain always falls in my eye.

...wishing I could watch a marathon but can never convince my mom.

...looking at all the plants and how the water always looks so perfect on it.

...the clean, earthy smell after it rains.

...when you see the animals hiding from the rain but you can tell they want to run in it. everything looks a shade of gray.

...a rainbow stretching across the sky after a long shower.

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite things about rain? What's the weather like where you are?

Friday, May 4, 2018

May the Fourth Be With You All

Happy May the Fourth everyone! *throws candy*

I was hoping to post my very first podcast of Mini Movie Reviews as a May the 4th gift for you all but my special guest wasn't able to make it. So now I have to find another guest star and post it sometime in the near future! And it will definitely be about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So look out for that! It's coming soon!

I'll have to give you some new buttons instead so here you go! No repeats this year! YAY US!

Celebrate your Star Wars love in the comments below! Did anyone watch the movies today?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Four Hobbits Photo Shoot at Knott's Berry Farm

Hello dear friends and readers!

Everyone get out of your seat and dance like baby Groot... GO ON! DO IT!
Today I'm just sharing a couple of pictures some friends and I took of my hobbit Pops. I finally got Merry so we had to celebrate and take some pictures!

Here we see that Frodo likes looking at things from above. I love how the sun is shining on his hair!

And Sam's photo wouldn't be complete without some flowers!

Merry is enjoying a mug of root beer in the shade... he's very photogenic! 

And it took us FOREVER to get a good shot of Pippin. My camera wouldn't focus on his face.

And here are all four basking in the sun after a long photo shoot.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed these cute pictures of everyone's favorite hobbits! Unfortunately, I don't have Bilbo but these little guys are great. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more pictures and where I should take the boys next!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Thief Got Stolen From... Get to Know Me Tag

So, I just decided to jump on here and do this tag. I have nothing better to do than steal tags because I'm bored. On with the show!

I stole it from The Author(Madeleine Ostermann) over at To Write Or Not To Write. Her answers were pretty cool so go and visit her blog!

Vital Stats/Appearances:

(Pen)name: Fawnabelle Baggins, at your service. And, if I were to write any fantasy novels in the future, I would love to be published under this name.

Nicknames: Almost everyone calls me Fawn, except my blood-related family.

Birthday: I was born on a Tuesday. (No, really, I was. I checked!) AND it was in the summertime.

Hair color and length: Just plain brown and almost to my waist. When I was in kindergarten, I was able to sit on it. My hair has gone through many snips and trims. And, of course, my hair has not quite made up its mind whether it's curly or wavy, but it's always (almost) manageable and frizzy.
*I could write a whole post on my hair, you guys. We're very good friends...

Eye color: Just plain brown.

Braces, piercings, tattoos(?!): I've never had braces and I would not like to ever have them. I don't think I need them but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I used to have me ears pierced but I never really wore earrings so they're closed. I don't intend on piercing them again. And I've never had the desire to have a tattoo and I don't have one either.

Righty or lefty?: Righty! Although I tried to make myself ambidextrous... (Isn't that a fun word to say?!)

Ethnicity: I'm pure Fallohide actually.


First novel written: Not applicable. I like to write short stories though.

First novel completed: Not applicable. I still haven't finished it.

Award for writing: Not applicable. Any stories I've written have not had sad themes.

First publication: Not applicable. I DON'T HAVE A NOVEL TO PUBLISH.

First conference: Not applicable. These questions are tiresome...

First query/pitch: NOT APPLICABLE. Are we done now? Yes?! Good.


Novel(that you wrote): Are you kidding me? Not more of these questions... but authors have favorite novels they wrote? Well, that kind of makes sense.

Genre: FANTASY! *sparkles*

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Writing music: LOTR soundtracks or any other classical.

Time to write: All day and all night(and everything that he sees is just BOOKS)

Writing Snack/Drink: English breakfast tea and fresh baked cranberry scones... *sigh*

Movie: The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. The Appendices are amazing. I actually finished watching them not that long ago. SO. MUCH. INFORMATION.

Writing memory: When I started my There and Back Again blog.

Childhood book: I listed a few in the Cake Flavored Tag down belowwwwwwww. *whispers* it's the last question...


Reading: A Catholic Girl's Guide by Father F.X. Lasance. It's awesome! I use it for Mass and confession and morning/evening prayers and actual reading material.

Writing: This blog post...

Listening to: The birds chirping outside.

Watching: Nothing at the moment BUT we've been watching this mini series on The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It's so good. The first day we started watching it, we finished 6 episodes.

Learning: That I need to get the yard clean ASAP so I can go to Dapper Day at Disneyland with the fam on Sunday.


Want to be published: Not quite sure yet. I have to think about it some more.

Indie or Traditional: Traditional, please.

Wildest goal: Intern at Disney Animation Studios in the near future. THAT. WOULD. BE. AMAZING.

So that's the tag, everyone! Quick update before I go!
  • Exciting movies are happening!!! Like HELLO, I NEED MONEY TO GO SEE YOU. Could you space yourselves out?! Infinity War basically next week, SOLO in May, Incredibles 2 looks good, WRECK IT RALPH 2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! guys I'm dying.
  • Also, Food & Wine Fest at Disney was AMAZING. Delicious food. Thumbs up!
  • Pixar Fest started last week(HENCE THE NEW HEADER) and I SAW TIFF FROM THINGAMAVLOGS. Just wow. I'm not even worthy. I saw her and pointed her out to my sister and just started walking away. I'm such a weirdo.
  • Dapper Day on Sunday! My first time EVER. I've been dreaming of going and it's not blocked so I'm totally going. I want to find a light blue dress so I can go dressed as Wendy because Wendy is goals.
Wow it looks like I just threw up on the screen, ew. Anyway, I've got to fly! Have a zip-a-dee-do-dah day!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Cake Flavored Book Tag (stolen from...)

*cue random post!

Okay, since when is there a tag about cake?! I didn't know about this, you guys! And I'm really sad about it! But at least I found out about it now and I can steal it from Erudessa at The Flowering Vales. It is originally from Summer Snowflakes but I made this new tag button.

1. Chocolate Cake (a Dark Book you absolutely love)

Well, The Return of the King is a pretty dark book(at least for me). The Scouring of the Shire was pretty frightening... so I'll choose that one.

2. Vanilla Cake (a Light Read)

The Story of A Soul by Saint Therese of Lisieux. I'm almost finished with it but it's so easy to read. When I get tired of reading a book, I always pick this one up!

3. Red Velvet (a book that gave you Mixed Emotions)

(First off, this cake flavor should be marble cake! It's literally both vanilla AND chocolate mixed together... I'm just saying.)

Anyway, the book that gave me mixed emotions was Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit. 


I first read this book when I was in, I think, 4th grade. I'm not entirely sure but I read it a while ago. So I read it recently and I'm kind of disturbed by the thought of this being a reality. I was happy that Winnie didn't drink from the everlasting fountain (or whatever the official name is) but I'm also sad that she didn't end up with Jesse. It was cute and all and a part of me wanted that relationship to happen but I'm proud that Winnie was able to think about it rationally. So this was a MAJOR mixed emotions book. I've never encountered a book who gave me this much... whatever this feeling is.

4. Cheesecake (a book you would Recommend to Anyone)

Definitely The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien! Some people are very intimidated by LOTR so I always recommend The Hobbit to them first. It's the perfect book for any stage reader!

5. Coffee Cake (a book you Did Not Finish)

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. I've been meaning to finish reading this book for a while now but I always get distracted with another book to read. I still intend on reading it!

6. Carrot Cake (a book with Great Writing)

Dear and Glorious Physician by Taylor Caldwell. This book is about Saint Luke and it's simply indescribable. I can't wait to read more of this author's works!

7. Tiramisu (a book that left you Wanting More)

Definitely Umberland by Wendy Spinale. This is the only "teen/YA fiction" that I read and I need more of it. There's a book before this called Everland and that one was really good as well. I haven't read the prequel and I'm not sure if she's announced that she's writing another book for this series...

8. Cupcakes (a series with 4+ Books)

Does The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes count? I know there are several stories but I'm not sure if they count as books? Well, that's my answer and I'm sticking with it!

But seriously, WHY haven't I been reading Sherlock Holmes all along?! It's AMAZING!!!

(And now that I think about it, I could have used A Study in Scarlet or The Sign of the Four as an answer for the first question... oh well!)

Aren't these GORGEOUS?!
9. Fruit Cake Pound Cake(a book that wasn't What You Anticipated)

I don't like fruit cake... so I'm changing it to Pound cake because EVERY time I eat pound cake I expect something different from what I taste.

Anyway, a book that wasn't what I anticipated was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll. This book impressed me! I was expecting it to be peculiar and an easy read but it wasn't. It was extremely peculiar and quite difficult to read. What made it difficult to read was how the characters were confusing Alice. It made my head spin and I often got frustrated with the book for not being simple. Like, "OKAY WE GET IT! THEY'RE ALL MAD! CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE IT EASY NOW?!"

Other than that, I enjoyed it. I had a couple of laughs here and there but it was definitely an experience I was NOT expecting.

10. Lamington Confetti Cake (a book that was your favorite as a kid)

(And I'm changing this last one to confetti cake because I don't have a favorite Australian book...)

Aha! Now we have come to it at last! I've never read a single post about what people read as a kid. As for me, I read Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney very frequently when I was a wee lass. I also remember reading Nathan and Nicholas Alexander by Lulu Delacre. There are obviously more than two favorite childhood memories but these are WAY at the top of the list.

And for the grand finale, here is a lovely confetti cake for you all!

Doesn't it just make you smile?!

Feel free to take this tag(and button) for your own use! I hope you enjoyed reading! Should I do a movie version of this tag? What's your favorite cake and why?! Have a glorious, confetti-filled day!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Winter Wonderland Tag

Helloooooooo again! So I figured I could get away with doing this tag because it's technically still winter. I mean, we're not even two weeks into January yet...

Tag Rules:
  • Link back to The Storybook Journal and to Cordy's blog(which I ADORE her new title!)
  • Answer the questions; think Winter-y thoughts! Include pictures, if you like.
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers, or more if you're feeling ambitious. :)

1. Name a few things you love about Winter, and a few things you don't love so much about it.

I love winter because I get to wear scarves, boots, mittens, and beanies early in the morning. And my mom makes hot chocolate every morning for breakfast. 

The only two things I don't love about it is the traffic on the freeway and the super-mega packed stores. Like, "PLEASE I JUST WANT A PACK OF COOKIES! Can I just go before you?!"

2. When you were a child, did you "believe" in Santa Claus?

Of course! Who doesn't believe in Santa Claus? And my parents would always show me the movies that prove that he's real... (Elf, The Polar Express, The Santa Clause, to name a few!)

Frodo used to tell me that he never believed in Santa Claus because he was never told about him. But I think he's fibbing. What adult wouldn't tell little Frodo about Santa Claus? That's ridiculous!

3. Is there a book or movie that you really love to read in the Winter as opposed to other times of year?

Hmm, not really a book per say...

*gasps from readers* I KNOW! I'M SORRY... but movies for sure.

4. Is there a particular Christmas movie that you watch EVERY year as tradition?

We always watch Elf, It's Christmastime, Charlie Brown!, and the live-action How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

And AFTER Christmas, we watch White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, and Little Women

5. Do you usually get a real tree or a fake tree for Christmas? Who's in charge of decorating it at your house?

We always get a real tree. And everyone is mandated to participate. We turn on the stereo to 103.5 and everyone puts their special ornament. It's usually an ornament that you make at school. Mine was a blue ornament with my hand on it. Each finger was a little snowman and I made it in kindergarten. But it broke a couple of years ago... *tears*

We get a real tree in Bag End, too. One year, Frodo wanted to go and actually cut down a tree. I was against it but Bilbo was amused at the idea so we all went. It was bitter cold. He did end up cutting the tree down but it took him all day. Bilbo and I just drank tea while Frodo chopped away. He was really sore for the rest of the week though...  

Me when Frodo was chopping down the tree
6. Does your family usually stay home or go visiting (relatives, friends, etc.) on Christmas Day?

We stay home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we go to our relative's house. We all meet up at one house and stay there for hours and hours. This year, everyone is gong to be there. It's going to be crazy and I'm not really looking forward to it. 

~After Christmas~

Well, I actually DID enjoy myself. I got to talk to a lot of my family members that I normally wouldn't talk to. And I had Boston Creme Pie for the first time. MAJOR PLUS!

7. What does your family usually do on New Years Eve? Any traditions? Do you ever stay up till midnight?

We try to stay up till midnight but sometimes it doesn't work out. But this year, it worked out! One of my older sisters came over and I won at The Game Of Life.

8. Do you get snow where you live? If so, have you ever built a snowman and named him Olaf?

At Bag End, we get a very minimal amount of snow, which only lasts for about a week. And at home, we don't get snow. We just get sun, sun, and more sun. But we like to go to the mountains and play in the snow.

And yes, I made a snowman(in the mountains at home) named Olaf and spent a half hour shaping his head because I'm a perfectionist or something like that.

9. If it's snowing outside, would you prefer to go outside and build snowmen and enjoy it, or would you rather stay inside with a blanket and something hot to drink and maybe a movie or a book?

I would play in the snow, of course!

10. When do you start looking forward to or getting excited about Spring?

After New Year's haha :P


And I tag:

My weirdo-of-a-sister Liah at Pics and thoughts and me

MovieCritic at Movies Meet Their Match

The Author at To Write Or Not To Write

SO that's it! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and have many more to you! Warms hugs to you all!