Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lullaby for a Princess

Hello all! First off, I want to say sorry for my empty promises about fulfilling the long overdue Bookshelf tag. I'm being confirmed on the 30 of April and it's been crazy around the house.

Anywho, I heard this song on YouTube and cried a lot the first time I heard it(this is a FAN MADE song by the way). I'm determined to learn it on the piano so I can play it for my sisters this Christmas. Even if you don't have a younger sister (or sibling), it gives you an idea about how others (or I) feel sometimes. Or maybe you're the youngest. This might help you understand what your older siblings feel, if they feel this way. You are not obliged to listen to it but I encourage you to. Anyway here it is.

It's such a great example about how much older siblings love the younger ones even if they don't show it. Who knows? I might even record my cover and post it here! It's such a good song. I hope you are all doing well!