Tuesday, May 10, 2016

LOTR Week Has Arrived!

So here's the thing, I was prepared to do Cordy's tag YESTERDAY but I completely forgot and did something else. So I thought, "Aw, it's no biggie. I'll just do it tomorrow." But boy was I wrong. This morning I wake up, check my Blogger dashboard to find THREE other people completing the tag YESTERDAY! It's not a bad thing, but I wish I could've done it with all of you... Shoulda, woulda, coulda, like my momma says. So onward to Cordy's Would You Rather: LOTR Edition!

1. You have been tasked with your own quest, your own fellowship has been gathered, and you have the pick of one last member, would you rather choose Eomer or Imrahil to join you on your journey? 

I would pick Imrahil. Eomer is pretty cool and is an excellent warrior. But Imrahil is an elf which gives him (and me) less opportunity to die. And that elvish in him would be helpful for whatever comes our way.

2. Would you rather have to track an army of Uruk-Hai, or climb the 'stairs'? 

I'm going to be a daredevil and say the stairs. I'm pretty sure I won't fall. Hopefully I won't fall. If I do fall, I'm certainly not going to fall like Sam. He fell horribly. Plus Uruk-Hai scare me a lot more than climbing stairs.

3. Who would you rather slap/shake/glare some sense into, Denethor or Wormtongue?

Ha, of course I'm going to pick Denethor. And you know what's funny? Everyone I know that's done this has picked Denethor too. But, in all honesty, I would not slap him. And glaring wouldn't cause enough damage. So you can try to imagine my little hobbit self shaking Denethor.

4. Would you rather attend Bilbo's birthday and have to dance a jig or have to sing a solo at Aragorn's coronation?

And everyone I know has danced a jig! And I'm going to pick that too! I don't know how to dance a jig but I am pretty confident in dancing if someone teaches me the steps. 

5. Would you rather soar on an Eagle's back to pick-up Frodo and Sam or participate in the last march of the Ents, courtesy of Treebeard's shoulder?

I absolutely adore Treebeard although I'm quite like Merry when it comes to Treebeard's slow talking. But I'll definitely jump at the chance to ride on Treebeard's shoulder!

6. Would you rather have to face an enraged Oliphant or Shelob?

An Oliphant all the way. I hate spiders. And it's funny because I don't scream or run away when I see one, I just kill it. But when someone talks about them, I get really bad anxiety. My mind is very good at scaring me through my mind's eye.

7. Would you rather have to wear the full armor of Gondor for a day or the full armor of Rohan for a day?

I'd pick Gondor because I get a better chance at shaking Denethor more often! And I love the White Tree of Gondor.

8. Would you rather have an axe or a bow?

A bow. It is much easier to carry and I can shoot things far away from my enemy. I don't think I'm scared of blood but seeing something dead gives me a terrible headache and I can't walk because I feel like my legs are going to fall off. Onto the next one!

9.Would you rather visit Lothlorien or Rivendell? 

This is so hard! I would pick Lothlorien although I would love to go to Rivendell. But Lothlorien! 

10. Would you rather have to get through the Mines of Moria or take the Path of the Dead? (In each situation, you are with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Haha, so, you're not alone!)

It would depend on what it smells like. Because either way I'm going to see skeletons even if it's just skulls in the Paths. Actually, I would like to hear Gandalf's last words. But the Mines take SO much longer than the Paths. I don't really know! I guess it'll have to be the Mines of Moria.

11. Would you rather stay and help rebuild the Shire, or sail to the Undying Lands?

Help rebuild the Shire! Mostly because that's my home but also because I would like to say that I helped. AND because that would mean more time with my friends!

I hope you all enjoyed this game and be sure to check out Cordy's blog for more fun!


  1. Don't worry this was a bit late--totally agree with you about Prince Imrahil! Elvish blood is always handy.

    1. Haha, yeah it sounds like we're orcs when we say we care about his blood... *shudders* XD

  2. My dear, Fawnabelle! You still filled out the tag in plenty of time for the week!! No worries, dear hobbit!!

    2. Daredevil is right!! I like how you know how you would fall IF you fell. Haha.
    3. I wouldn't slap either. I was only trying to express the emotion of the moment. Glaring would most likely be my method.
    5. Good choice. You get some pretty epic music!
    7. Very sensible reasoning. ;)
    10. Smell! :O I agree! I should have considered that!! Haha.

    Sorry for this delayed comment! Thanks for playing!!!

    1. Thanks for your response, Cordy!

      2. I like to think ahead which is something I don't normally do XD
      3. Haha that's funny! Shaking is a good medium for me :)
      5. Yes I do! And Treebeard is AWESOME! :D
      7. Why thank you! ;)
      10. I know right?! I hate the smell of bad stuff... Haha! Nah, your answers were great! But IF you just so happen to transport to Middle Earth, just keep in mind that your going to smell a lot of bad stuff. And don't forget to tell everyone Fawnabelle said heyyy! ;)

      It's cool! Thanks for commenting! You're welcome! It was tons of fun! :D