Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I'm Feeling A Little Paranoid Right Now

*crawls from under a table* Hi everyone! So is anyone else like really afraid what tomorrow has in store? Because *nervous laugh* I am.

Just watch this video and you might understand. And maybe laugh a little.

*breathes in paper bag* If you're wondering why I'm so worried is because the voters of the United States have my life in their hands. And millions of future Americans. "Why is your life in the balance of this election?" you might say. Well, because I'm homeschooled. And vaccinations aren't really my thing. So if a certain candidate wins, my homeschooling life is basically over. As well as the miracles that are taking place as we speak. (Human lives being born, anyone?)

(And I am very sorry for including politics in this post. I just needed a place to let my fears out...)

I'm really glad I can go back to Middle-earth and be safe there. I've been staying on Earth for a while and I realized that we're taking part of the "deep breath before the plunge".

On a totally different subject, I'm going to Disneyland on Friday! With a big group! So expect pictures if the world doesn't end before then. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually be in one of them. Because usually I take the pictures of everyone haha. I'm glad I'm going soon because I have something else to focus on besides what's going on in the world. (Comment below what your favorite theme park memory/attraction is!)

California Screamin' for the win!


So last week, Pippin and Merry were at our hole and it started snowing! So we went outside and started playing with the snow. Then, the funniest thing happened. Merry dropped his candy cane in the snow. And then when he licked it, his tongue got stuck! Pippin laughed so hard that he fell backward and knocked his head on a tree. After that, a bunch of snow came falling down on him. He reminded me of Anna from Frozen.

I would call that event a eucatastrophe! Haha, although I'm sure they wouldn't agree... XD

Sorry about this super rambly post but I hoped you enjoyed it! Stay safe everyone and God bless!

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  1. Keep calm and carry on, Miss Baggins! I'm worried about the election too, but no matter what, God has it under control.
    That's a funny story XD