Thursday, September 22, 2016


HOORAY! *throws confetti*

So to celebrate their birthdays, I figured I could let them put something in this post! It's mostly going to be Frodo and I because Bilbo wanted a day to himself... *whispers* party pooper.

Frodo is going to write in bold Georgia and I'll write in Trebuchet for this post.


Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this post! Fawnabelle's going to ask me a couple of questions and I'm going to answer them.

I am?! Thanks for the heads up, Frodo...

Oh, *embarrassed laugh* sorry Fawn.

*reads from a sheet of paper* What is your favorite movie?

That's easy.  The Lord of the Rings.

Cool. Wait, it is?!

Well, obviously I would pick that! I thought you knew me well enough to know what my favorite movie was...

I know you very well, Frodo!

Oh yeah? What's my favorite classic Disney movie?

Um... Bambi? No wait, The Lion King.

No. It's Dumbo

*laughs so hard*
Dumbo is your favorite classic Disney movie?! It's not a bad movie but I just didn't- Whatever. I bet you don't know mine...

*rolls eyes* It's Beauty and the Beast. Come on, Fawn, everyone knows that. 

Wha- Okay fine. I bet you don't know anything else.

Yes I do! In fact, I challenge you. Let's see who knows the other better! Disney style...

You're on! I can't choose so what are my top two favorite Disney princesses?

Anna and Rapunzel. What are mine?

*groans* you're so darn positive with these answers! Um, Belle and Tiana?

Yeah... what's my favorite Disney animal?

Dumbo. That was an easy one. What's mine?


No fair, that was an easy one! What's my favorite Disney villain?

Uh... ugh, I know this! I'm going with Gaston... (*whispers* please be right...)

Wrong! It's the Queen of Hearts...

Haha! One more point for me! 

*pouts* what's my favorite Disney song?

What?! Okay first of all, how can you have a favorite Disney song?! There are too many to choose from!

Fine! What's my favorite song that is sung by a Disney princess?

It's um... it's... *thinks hard* Oh! Almost There. I'm positive.

How are you getting these right?!

It's a gift... what's my favorite song by a Disney princess?

It's either Reflection, Something There, Once Upon A Dream.

It's actually Something There, Once Upon A Dream, and When Will My Life Begin? . But I'll give you that one. 

I guess.

Are we ever going to stop? I'm pretty sure they're getting tired of reading this... XD

Oh yeah. *clears throat* 

So folks, it turns out Fawnabelle knows me pretty well. We hope you've enjoyed this post! Maybe we even made you laugh a little bit! See you next time!

And thank you for celebrating Bilbo and Frodo's birthday with us! Have a great day!