Sunday, January 24, 2016

Would You Rather? Star Wars Edition

Bum bum! Bum-bum-bum BUM! Bum! Bum-bum-bum BUM! Bum! Bum-bum-bum-bum BUUUUMMM! It's supposed to be the main theme song of Star Wars. I know it was kind of bad... sorry I'll fix it!

That's much better! My friend Cordy used this game during Star Wars week (which was last week). Well I don't know if it was "officially" Star Wars week but it's been a month since The Force Awakens came to the theaters. Anyway, it's a great game (especially since it's Star Wars related) and I decided to play it.

1. Would you rather pilot the Millennium Falcon, or an X-Wing Fighter?

I would totally choose the Millennium Falcon! If Rey can handle it, I can handle it! Besides, it's THE Millennium Falcon. Plus, Han Solo drove it. HAN. SOLO.

2. Would you rather face you worst fear in the Dagobah swamp or get stuck in a garbage compacter?
My worst fear in the Dagobah swamp. A garbage compacter is... *shudders*

3. Would you rather have R2-D2 as a co-pilot or BB-8?
Ugh! This one is so hard! But I think I would choose BB-8. Sorry, R2.

4. Would you rather have a lightsaber or a blaster?
Lightsaber! Duh! But a blaster would be pretty cool too... Can I have both?

5. Would you rather be trained by Qui-Gon Jinn or Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Definitely Yoda. Wait, he's not an option. Whoops. Obi-Wan Kenobi then.

6. Would you rather have to fight Palpatine/The Emporer or the inflamed Anakin on the volcano planet?
Eek, this one is hard too. I either have the option of getting electrocuted or burnt/falling into lava. It'll have to be the Emporer.

7. Would you rather be part of the first attack on the Death Star or the Battle on Hoth?
Battle on Hoth. I like the snow. And the elephant looking robots. What are those called? *searches Wookiepedia* Oh, AT-ATs. Yeah, I wouldn't remember a name like that *hears AT&T jingle*...

8. Would you rather drive during the speeder chase on Endor or the bounty hunter chase on Coruscant (in the Clone Wars)?
The speeder chase. They are so epically fast! Although, I'm not sure I could handle it...

9. Would you rather sit through a meeting of the Senate or watch a pod-race?
A pod-race! So exciting! But the weather... Ew. One word: sweaty.

10. Would you rather have to wear your hair like Padme or Leia?
Leia!!! I love her braided buns. They are awesomely original.

11. Would you rather fight Darth Maul or General Grevious?
Darth Maul. There are less lightsabers. The General has A LOT of arms...

12. Would you rather be part of the first attack on the Death Star or the attack on the planet/space station... thing, from the new Force Awakens movie?
The planet/space station thing looks like there is a higher probability of surviving so I'll go with that one.

Cordy, you are a genius for coming up with this fun game!

Now this is for you: 

There are more on YouTube if any of you would like to see more Star Wars entertainment. There's one that's 30 to 35 minutes long so that should occupy you for a good while. Sundays are for rest so rest people! REST AND WATCH STAR WARS!!! Oh! And don't forget to watch The Lord of the Rings y'all...

Have a great and blessed rest of the day!


  1. Nice! I took your advice and re-watched The Fellowship :)

    1. Awesome! I'm glad you got some rest :D
      I didn't get to watch Star Wars or LOTR... And I've been watching them every Sunday! Now I can't break my record :'(

  2. Loved all your answers, Fawnabelle!
    I agreed with most of your answers but the pod-race would bore me to tears! And I would be sweaty too. Gross!
    Thanks for playing the game. :D

    It's so cool that you did open your own blog! I hope you have lots of fun with it!

    1. Thanks! You're welcome! It was a lot of fun :D