Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Challenge: Day 3

It's day three you guys! Whoop whoop!

I'd have to say Bilbo. I have trouble deciding to go or not to go. I have a Tookish side and a Baggins side. Most of the time, Baggins wins. Believe it or not, I sort of have a hard time with change. I just can't adjust very quickly like others.

I don't travel often but when I do it's most likely over seas... And my mom doesn't like me taking books and that results in me not having books at all (except a translating dictionary). At the end of the trip, I'm like I MISS MY BOOKS!

I hardly ever let my friends become the boss of me. Oh wait, NEVER! But I have respect for them all the same. I like to tell them nicely but seriously.

Very little of my friends come to me and ask me advice. Most don't but that's okay because they know I am always there for them when they need a shoulder to lean on. Or laugh on. Or cry on. Just kidding, no one's cried on me. Yet.

Sometimes they just need a warm hug and most of the spontaneous ones are... AWKWARD.

I get a little crazy and tend to overreact.

My friends be like
I'm pretty well-rounded. I say the obvious and repeat a lot of things. I think it's safe to say that Bilbo are kindred spirits...

Okay enough of me! What about you? Which character do you relate with most in The Hobbit?


  1. Haha, nice. I don't know how I would survive a vacation without books! O_O. I think I'm a Bilbo too--I am so indecisive and I prefer a comfortable night at home.

    1. *sigh* what would a person be if they couldn't read? I would think myself incredibly dull XD


  2. Hobbit movies? Bard the Bowman, all the way. Doing whatever it takes to provide for and protect his family.

    1. Awesome! I finally read the rest of your Middle Earth meme. It was really cool! I didn't know you had another blog! :D

    2. I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I run two blogs -- one would be too crowded when I do a read-along, or during my Tolkien party, etc.