Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 10

You know what? I heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. That means I have 11 more to go! Yay me!

As you all know, some of us don't have the likes for Tauriel too much... Yes I am one of those people. I understand that we should try to embrace the movies as they are but I didn't like her in there. Yes she added some touches to the movie so they could... could... what were they trying to do again?

I just didn't feel like she needed to be in there... That's just my opinion but I know others that really enjoyed that extra character. And with Tauriel in the movie, I feel like it gave Legolas more time on screen. Like how they went to Gundabad together? That wouldn't have given that insight to his mother dying there. Which, did that even happen? I'm not sure if that's canon or not...

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about Tauriel. When I saw it in the theaters, that was the only thing I noticed that didn't please me. And don't even get me started on that love triangle. It kind of felt, to me, that is wasn't real at first. But in the end. it showed that they loved each other. And yes, I did tear up at that part. But that doesn't mean that it took to my liking.

The other thing besides Tauriel is that they didn't include Bilbo's spider song. You know, the one where he makes fun of the spiders in Mirkwood? The one that I LOVE?! WHY COULDN'T THEY PUT THAT IN THERE?! I LOVE THAT SONG!

If it's on the extended edition, I will buy it no matter how much it costs. Well, if it's less than like $80. THEN, I would buy it.

AND THEY ALSO DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE RADAGAST LOOK LIKE A MADMAN OKAY! For Pete's sake, he is still a wizard after all. Couldn't they have given him a little more dignity?

So, what are your unpopular opinions? What about my opinions? Where do you stand? Do you love that song as much as I do?


  1. Truth! Radagast does look super undignified--you are totally right. I missed the Attercop song too! It brought lightheartedness to an otherwise terrifying scene in the book. About Tauriel, I felt like her and Kili's relationship sort of detracted from the whole Legolas/Gimli friendship in LOTR...and at times it did seem forced. In fact, the love triangle kind of made Legolas look like the bad guy getting in the way of Tauriel and Kili. Maybe that's just me. I understand why they did it, but they certainly didn't have to. I mean, The Hobbit book is plenty popular and it doesn't have a love triangle! I can't find any reference to Legolas' mother...she doesn't even have a name! I guess that was just something the movie makers added in. Congrats on being about half way to forming a hobbit habit!

    1. Thank you!

      *gasp* you're right! It is kind of like Legolas and Gimli but well different :P

      Yeah I did kind of feel like Legolas was in the way like Thranduil was.

      Really? No reference? That's weird...

      Thank you! :D

  2. No offence to Kate from Lost but Tauriel is a REALLY dumb Elf,and that's coming from an Elf!

    1. Haha, very funny. I see what you did there. But remember, some people liked Tauriel in the movies so we should respect their opinions. (I know why you wrote that, She-elf... ;D)