Monday, February 15, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 20

... OKAY FIRST OFF I GET AN EXCUSE RIGHT? Okay maybe not but I'M REALLY SORRY! Ugh I feel terrible... But hey! You guys get two posts in one day! How fun is that?!

Hmm, I don't really know! Let's see...

Erm, Thranduil wasn't like I'd imagine him to be. In the book he was a merry king with merry people (there's a reason I didn't use quotes). He's just so cold in the movies!

Thorin's like, "Okay whatever drama king..."

And then he banishes Tauriel?! AND slices her bow in half?! Come on! That's not cool dude... NOT. COOL.

So this is a post about my least favorite character design... And it wasn't that good. But I will make it to y'all so don't ya worry none :D

Thoughts? Any Thranduil fans out there? What's your least favorite character design?


  1. "That's not cool dude... NOT. COOL." Haha, I am with you! I'm just sayin', if I ever have a nice bow, don't go slicing it in half!! That would just be rude. :P Haha.

    Yeah, what IS with that hollowed cheek scene thing?!

    1. Thank you! Yes that is so rude XD

      Right?! That made no sense for me. Maybe the coldness of his heart deteriorates his body? Because aren't elves supposed to be fully good? Or something like that???

    2. No no no no no, remember that in that scene he's talking to Thorin about the damage a dragon does? Thranduil is showing Thorin that he too has been damaged, he just doesn't choose to show his scars to the world.

    3. Ohhhhh, you're right! NOW it makes sense! What would we do without you? ;D

    4. Have one fewer person to think, "Wow, she spends WAY too much time thinking about Tolkieny things" about? ;-)

    5. Haha, yes XD
      My friends (non-ringers X'( ) tell everyone they know that I make way too many LOTR jokes that they DON'T get (and I like it that way because I am slowly getting famous)... And it makes me laugh mwahahaha XD