Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Day 24! And this one is going to be good!

I sat down and my jaw dropped to the floor. And then I watched again and screamed my heart out with joy when it finished. And then I cried because I still had to wait months for it to come out to theaters. Personally, I liked the second trailer better. I don't know why but I just do. And I like Ed Sheeran's music now because "I See Fire" is one of my favorite songs. That's how I discovered him...

Anyway, that's not important. The third trailer was okay. It didn't stir my soul like the others did. Plus, it made me sad to think that there will be no more movies made :'(

On the bright side, I sometimes watch the trailers on YouTube to lighten my spirit. I know, I'm weird like that X)

Next time I'm doing a marathon, the week before I will 1) let y'all know of course and 2) watch the trailers! I know... I'm so smart! XD

How did you react when you saw the trailers? Has anyone else been reminiscing recently? Anyone feeling nostalgic? Anyone ready for a marathon?! :D


  1. My favorite trailer is the one that has a compilation from LOTR at the beginning and then segues into The Hobbit.

  2. My favorite trailer was the final trailer for BoTFA. Like the one with the Twelve Titans song. I CRIED SO HARD and it gave me chills and I couldn't even. I still cry when I watch it.