Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 15

So I was able to find the picture today! Yay! And I saw one for tomorrow so no need to worry! :D

When people say anything, good or bad, about a book that I love (hint: Tolkien), I immediately ask if they've read it. If they say no, then I convince tell them to give it a try BEFORE they give others their opinion. The same occurs here.

I have a lot of friends who have not read the books OR seen the movies ONCE! And they know they better not say anything about what they think when I'm around. Why? Because their thoughts are biased. How can they say these things about something they have not ever tried before?

For instance, I've never tried sushi (real fact here). So I can't say I won't like it or that it's not good. And if I want to give my opinion on it, I have to experience it for myself. I am not interested in trying or giving opinions on sushi.

What is your opinion on people who think its a boring story? Have you encountered this situation? Have you tried sushi?


  1. My friend thinks the movies are way better than the books. But he has never read the books! It makes me so mad -__-

    1. Grr... *steam blows out of ears* XD

    2. Haha :)
      I've brought you another tag! This time it's the bookshelf tag--one I started myself! All the details are on my site: loveroflembas.blogspot.com