Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 30

We made it, you guys. I actually posted for 30 days! Not straight but I was pretty close! Now, I said I was going to post about the movies for this challenge but I have to do the book for this one.

It's impacted me a lot actually. It lead me to LOTR which changed my view of life as a whole. So I'm really connected to The Hobbit. That started my journey to Tolkien's works and forever I will be grateful to it. I absolutely love this book from the front to the back. Basically, that's all I have except for tears. And I don't want to cry about how much I love this book. So yeah, trying to keep calm and collected. *inhales and exhales* And that wraps up my short and sweet post about The Hobbit's impact on me and concludes my 30 day challenge! Now let's move on to more awesome geeky, nerdy stuff...

Have you seen this?! This guy is SO talented. I was absolutely blown away...

And I've also been searching everywhere for a Lembas recipe and found one on the CoE (no I do not have an account, but I often go there to see what's new...). And I am really pumped to try it out because I've been craving some like nobody's business. So yeah, I'll try it out for you and let you know how it is.

How had The Hobbit impacted you? Can you mimic a LOTR/Hobbit character? Have you tried the CoE Lembas recipe?


  1. You made it!! I wondered if you would make it today and you did! Yay!
    Personally, I wouldn't say the Hobbit has impacted me so much as the LOTRs.
    No. Not even a little. I am terrible at voices. :P But Oh. My. Gosh. That guys is crazy! I don't think his voices are all perfect but they are crazy close!! Haha. Thanks for sharing the video! Oh, and for finishing the 30 Day challenge!

    1. I know! So happy! XD
      Haha, me too. For LOTR at least :P
      I know right? Yeah he was really close on some of them but yeah! You're welcome!
      Thanks! :D

  2. Looking for a Lembas recipe? Why, you should have just asked!

    1. Yes I should have! I'm going to have to go to the market because I don't have Crisco... Thanks again! :D

    2. Of course; let me know how you like it!

  3. Well done! BTW, I totally recommend An Unexpected Cookbook if you want to try your hand at some Hobbity fare :-9