Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 22

Yay! I'm winning Monopoly (so far)! Well, I shouldn't say anything just yet because the game isn't even close to done. My mom won the last game so my little sister and I are joining forces against her! Mwahahaha!!!!

And another yay for us because I was very close to giving up looking for today's picture but I found it!

Sorry it's not the best quality... :'(

This was not very hard to decide because if it was I would be a terrible hobbit. So obviously I pick The Shire! Or Matamata is the real name but I think The Shire is better XD

It's very beautiful and, well, hobbity! (Don't ya just love that word?!)

I think the colors are a teensy bit enhanced but I think you get the idea...

And I also love The Lonely Mountain. It looks so majestic and fantastical! That's a word right? I read an article and it said that it was based on Mount Cook. It looks awesome to me!

The Lonely Mountain

Mount Cook

Hey, they are pretty similar after all!

What's your favorite location? Is it a set or an actual place? Have you played Monopoly recently? Do you own a Hobbit/LOTR Monopoly?


  1. Wow I very rarely play Monopoly but it just so happens I just started a game yesterday! I'm the banker and I keep accidentally buying properties with the bank's money--but whenever I get money back I always put it into the bank by mistake so it balances out...right? My favorite location is the Fiordland where they filmed the Anduin.

    1. No way! That is so cool!
      Haha! That's hilarious. Yeah I think it does XD