Friday, February 12, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 18

Thank you LoverofLembas (again XD) for finding me the picture for today! Hopefully I won't have to ask any more favors of you...

Probably a bow and arrow. That way I can shoot things from far away and not have to stab them up close... O_O

But if I was choosing for looks/size, I would choose Sting. The glowing is rather useful. You know that whole,"Hobbits go unseen if they wish so give them this bright glowing sword" Gandalf  "joke"? Yeah, I don't think it was that funny. Who here thinks Gandalf is an idiot? EXACTLY! No one does! So why pick on something like that?

Anyway, I wouldn't mind being seen if my sword was glowing blue. Sting is the perfect size for a hobbit and IT IS NOT A LETTER OPENER... (I hope you get my joke because I am not finding gifs for that scene right now)

Thoughts about Gandalf? Does it REALLY "defeat" the purpose? Weapon of choice? Bonus: Does anyone actually HAVE one of the collectible swords?! If you do, then which one? And if you don't, which one would you want? Have a good day!


  1. No problem, Fawnabelle!
    I would go for a bow and arrow too probably but I've been told I would be good at throwing knives. Not sure how to take that XD
    I think it's a funny joke, but really it isn't taking all of the facts into consideration. One of the most significant things about Sting is that it is from Gondolin, the chief elven city of the First Age. When Bilbo has it, it gives him courage because he thinks of all of the brave elves of Gondolin. I think it's super cool that he has that sword and it's unique because it glows blue.

    1. Haha, I would like to be good at throwing knives but I've had some ugly experiences... Such as knives falling on the floor from an upper cabinet and almost slicing my finger off. Yeah, not sure if I will ever be good with knives XD
      It was funny at first, I must admit. Really?! That's cool! See, I wouldn't know all that I do if it weren't for you ;)

    2. Ooh, scary! Haha that's what I'm here for ;)