Friday, February 5, 2016

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge: Day 11

Yay! Day 11 is here! Honestly, I never would've thought I could get this far. Nor have anything important to say continuously XD

Spiders creep me out like crazy. I mean I will kill it if I need to but if there is someone else with me that doesn't mind it, I'll make them do it. I'm weird that way. So giant spiders on the TV made me cover my eyes with my hands. And killing a giant spider was scarier than watching one. But the scene was a memory for me and I did not appreciate it. Although, they did a pretty good job making them like the real ones. At least, I would say so...

Surprisingly, I wasn't that scared of Smaug. I was rather fascinated. But I was scared out of my skin for Bilbo. I was also really scared/annoyed when Thorin was going to throw Bilbo from the Mountain. Remember that scene?

Which scene scares YOU the most?


  1. Probably Dol Guldur...just the lighting and Sauron's eye--even though I knew everyone would make it out alright, I was still worried about how it would go down, especially after Gandalf was debilitated.

    1. It WAS kind of scary. But I wouldn't say it was the scariest part. I always get shivers whenever the Eye is on the TV...

  2. I don't watch the spiders part. Shelob, I could handle, but not these. I sit there with my eyes closed and wait to hear Legolas.